Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stylish bedrooms on

According to, the 12 named most stylish and sexuality bedroom interiors.
Coverlet and pillows with embroidered flowers, cheerful ryushi and casing, slightly floral wallpaper in contrast to the solid wood furniture - a fairy tale, which always ends well
In the interior of all the unexpected: the bed, facing the bed to the window, and the parquet floor, laid on the diagonal, and a glass light box instead of the traditional bedside banquettes, and the crazy combination of colors
Storm passions remain outside the threshold of the bedroom - everything here breathes calm and appeasement. Deep shades of gray and blue, smooth texture and the original lighting created a sense of cool water.
Black gamma can also be gorgeous! Example - the gray bedroom. Silk curtains of silver, like a powdery light gray velours chairs, color jacquard coverlet mokrovogo asphalt - a variety of textures and colors create a truly noble interior.
The abundance of light, pastel colors, classic furniture, smooth lines and velvet texture - something that helps create this sense of bedroom
Intimate atmosphere created in this extraordinarily sensual bedroom range, which seems specifically set up to light candles. Add to this canopy over the bed - and the world around you can forget. <br />
Not a bedroom, a real mixed-chocolate! Brown silk, square Kapiton like lacquer plates, blue glitter wrap
Let your favorite time of year does not end! In this bedroom warm sunny colors, light, natural fabrics and decoration in the form of sunflower create the mood of the summer half-day volumes.
You - the star, and thus - in your bedroom a place of glamor. Mirrors and crystal chandeliers, silk and velvet, Persian carpets and exquisite ottoman, photos, movie stars in the framework.
This cozy bedroom enjoying the charm of France. Gentle shades of cream and cocoa, small table and comfortable high chair, in which both a pleasure to drink morning coffee with a soft croissants.
this bedroom ethical style. Pleasant to the eye black and terracotta range, birch, shumyaschie over the head, and the 'stars' to whom is about
Minimalism, too, can be elegant! The neutral natural color of the bedroom complements a passionate red


  1. I love the purple wall room. I mean LOOOOOVVEEE


  2. Did I see a harp in the purple room????