Monday, December 9, 2013

How to equip a small kitchen

The island is usually stove or sink, around which are placed all work surfaces. Many people think that the kitchen island can only be created inside a large area. This is not the case. If the cause will undertake an experienced designer who can create a cozy island of even a very small kitchen. How much money will it take to it - is another question.
small kitchen equip
Change the window sill on the countertop
The third step involves a more serious alterations kitchen space, which is why few dare yourself to apply such a method of design at home. This method involves the removal and replacement of the existing window sill of his top. This makes it possible to organize jobs for housewives, and the space below it to use for floor boxes and cabinets.And do not worry that it will strongly back away from the wall and take up a lot of space. The full width worktop will be only in the area of ​​the window, and on the sides it will act on the walls of a maximum of 30cm. Produce a countertop with a "sunset" on the windowsill too were not working, you can make it any shape: rectangular or rounded edges. And by extending it along the wall with a window, you can get not only the work surface, but also a full dining table overlooking the street.The only caveat in establishing such a plan - this is the height of a standard kitchen furniture 80cm, and the height from the floor to the window sill - 90cm, so you have to make furniture from this feature.

classical style of decorating
This is a classical style of decorating kitchen
          Features color selection
Selection of colors. Avoid dark deep tones as they are visually reduce the room. You come all sorts of shades of neutral and calm, as they contribute to the expansion of visual space. You can try to experiment with the dark and colored accents. They will make the room more interesting, but do not overdo it. Natural lighting to visually enlarge the room, so you should prefer translucent curtains. Glossy furniture perfectly reflects the light that helps to create the illusion of a large kitchen.
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