Monday, October 4, 2010

Bathroom colors choice

bathroom design: colors choice
Great importance when designing a bathroom has a choice of colors. The choice of color, of course, determined by the particular person, but we must remember that some colors can visually reduce the space, while others - will help get you in a good mood, and some - cause irritation. The main color in the bathroom creates the colors of the tiles: floor and wall. Visually increases room decoration light colors and tiles laid on the floor on the diagonal. Dark and rich colors contribute to a reduction of space. Blue, green, pale wood, white and various shades of beige and gray are the most suitable for the bathroom. Blue color promotes relaxation. He lulls, lowers blood pressure, calms. Green not only helps to relieve nervous stress, but also allows you to relax your eyes. A bright range of colors (gold, copper, red, pink) will create a cozy atmosphere that soothes and relaxes, the red color to cheer up, and the charge of the morning will provide the energy silver, peach and cream tones. Color selection of bathroom furniture depends on your taste and interior, which is framed bathroom. You can choose the furniture light (pastel) colors, but also will look stylish furniture with a matte or glossy finish. Therefore, selecting a color in the bathroom, remember not only the design of the premises, but also about the importance of a favorable impact on the human body colors of the rainbow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bathroom design overview

Everybody knows - it is important to equip the bathroom. Even if it is small in size, bathroom must be equipped with the most convenient and practical. You shood not forgetting about creating beautiful interiors that washing helps you not only to restore vitality, but also feel like a rest at the resort. The bathroom design choice depends of entirely on you and your attitude. Bathroom design can be made such that it was stylistically unified with the other rooms in the apartment, and it is possible that it is completely different from the overall design. A square shape plays a big role, but thanks to the development of modern designers, it is possible to choose the style that you like.
washroom decorating
If you decide to decorate your bathroom into a classic style, the walls of the best brick with marble tiles, furniture, in this case is chosen from natural stone, and its pattern and color to match the finish of the walls. You can choose tiles for your taste. Mandatory element of classical style is the use of materials such as granite or marble. For example, popular marble countertops are successfully combined with light-colored furniture. This style of suit and Venetian plaster, which mimics natural stone. However, this design will look stylish just in the bathrooms of large sizes. Designed in a rustic style (country) allows the use of natural materials with elements of a simple finish handmade. Widely used wicker furniture made of materials resistant to moisture. Authentic atmosphere created by retro. The interior walls dominated by wood light brown tones or mahogany, and the furniture is also made of different woods. Any antiques related to the bathroom, will emphasize the selected style. Great opportunity to experiment gives an ethnic style. Bathroom is finished with wood or natural stone, preferably gray or brown. In the design used mostly natural materials. Modern technologies allow for bathroom design to carry out any fantasy.
washroom design overview
However, please be aware that most bathroom is though a small but functionally important room in the apartment. So, thinking through the interior tub should not forget that there are a large number of essential things: a bath or shower, sanitary appliances, furniture and other accessories. And to the bathroom was comfortable to fully consider its equipment because the bathroom applies to rooms with high humidity and temperature.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bathroom design ideas

In fact, the interior - is a unique finite combination of the original color and style decisions. For the interior, everything is important - from lighting to tone tile flooring. The most important thing - that ultimately it was harmonious. We offer style, modern design, uniqueness and harmony. Exclusive design, each morning will lift your spirits. Remember that the harmony in the house - this is the first prerequisite for spiritual harmony.
great bathroom idea

traditional bathroom design
washroom design
beautiful bathroom design
bathroom view
bathroom idea
decorating bathroom

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Serrano Apartments residential complex

Luxury, comfort, design project and quality - that is how you can describe a new project of residential complex in the heart of Madrid. Designed by design-studio A-cero, an apartment complex Serrano Apartments is an old 4-storey building. On each floor there are two apartments in an area of 185 square meters.

Various on planning, they all have a minimum of 4 bedrooms with bathrooms, a kitchen, a spacious living room and even maid's room and other facilities. White walls adds even more light. The floors are made of marble and wood. Modern furniture in black, gray or white colors. Decorative elements combine natural colors with the addition of elements of red and yellow. In a word, perfect! Everything is thoroughly planned and ready for a comfortable stay in the heart of Madrid!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to choose the interior color


For the living room most suitable green: it relieves stress and fatigue, soothes. For better perception need to add a blue or yellow accessories.

If in a room dominated by red, from this increased irritability and aggressiveness. In addition, it reduces the visual space. However, the red color improves digestion, and therefore it is well suited to design the dining room.

Yellow color helps to concentrate, increases creativity, so it can be used for office, but it should not be too bright. Also yellow color will look good in rooms with windows on the north side.

Blue evokes a feeling of relaxation, rest relieves emotional stress - it is ideal for a bedroom.
Violet should not be selected for processing facilities: its impact on the psyche manifests itself in a very large decrease in physical activity and performance, the emergence of depression.

Brown is not worth to get involved. Although it evokes a feeling of calm, but dark colors, this color will provoke the emergence of gloomy thoughts. Choosing a color for the working space, remember that it is not recommended to use the blue: it decreases from visual acuity.

To my eyes got tired, choose white, yellow and greenish color. Neutral colors (white, gray, black) can be used in any interior.

White color can be very large surface area in the design space, it perfectly complements any color and an excellent background. Using the design space black color, should strive to ensure that it does not take too much space. It is better to use it as a shielding for the other colors.

No need to use for an interior lot of gray: it is depressing, though his bright shades are a good backdrop for furniture and other furnishings. In the design of premises should prevail bright colors, except when the dark color was chosen specifically for the interior. It is better if the premises will dominate the bright colors and bright colors occupy a smaller area.

Children's room will be the best soft tones of blue, pink, yellow, pastel colors, fabrics with pictures. Do not use dark colors - black, brown, purple, gray.
Combination of colors.

Choosing a color for rooms or other premises, you pomnit that not all colors are combined with each other. If possible, we must reject the combination of contrasting colors, they are very difficult to pick up so that they produce a harmonious impression. Combine well with each other a dark blue and dark brown color, yellowish-brown and beige, especially if you use accessories bright red or maroon, cream with a light beige, terracotta, sand, dark brown, brown with white or beige and additions blue or green, chocolate and dark brown in combination with a reddish-pink. We do not recommend the combination of cold blue and gray or metallic accessories: this combination produces a very formal impression, so if you want to design the interior is in a range of colors to add black.
living room interior colors
It is effectively used for interior design monochrome combination - different shades of one color. By choosing such a combination, can be supplemented by small interior parts of bright colors, in harmony with the principal.

By choosing to process color version of the interior space, remember that one of the colors still must prevail. Do not take for registration of premises only cold or only warm colors. To the main cool colors necessary to match the details in warm tones, and vice versa. To include a warm red, yellow, orange, yellow-green, purple, to cold-green, green, blue, blue, indigo, violet, to neutral - white, gray, black, beige.
Size is also important.

How to "extend" borders of a small room:
- Paint the walls in light colors
- Choose a bright color renditions furniture
- Selecting for processing facilities muted muted color
- On one of its walls to fix butt rectangular mirrors

How to make you room more comfortable:
- Use of wallpaper, fabric with a large figure
- Selecting as the main tone in the design room warm colors, and dark decorate furniture and wallpaper
- Paint the walls in bright colors
- Make a sharp finish
- Longitudinal walls painted lighter than the transverse