Monday, October 4, 2010

Bathroom colors choice

bathroom design: colors choice
Great importance when designing a bathroom has a choice of colors. The choice of color, of course, determined by the particular person, but we must remember that some colors can visually reduce the space, while others - will help get you in a good mood, and some - cause irritation. The main color in the bathroom creates the colors of the tiles: floor and wall. Visually increases room decoration light colors and tiles laid on the floor on the diagonal. Dark and rich colors contribute to a reduction of space. Blue, green, pale wood, white and various shades of beige and gray are the most suitable for the bathroom. Blue color promotes relaxation. He lulls, lowers blood pressure, calms. Green not only helps to relieve nervous stress, but also allows you to relax your eyes. A bright range of colors (gold, copper, red, pink) will create a cozy atmosphere that soothes and relaxes, the red color to cheer up, and the charge of the morning will provide the energy silver, peach and cream tones. Color selection of bathroom furniture depends on your taste and interior, which is framed bathroom. You can choose the furniture light (pastel) colors, but also will look stylish furniture with a matte or glossy finish. Therefore, selecting a color in the bathroom, remember not only the design of the premises, but also about the importance of a favorable impact on the human body colors of the rainbow.