Monday, June 29, 2009

Vintage pillows

Decorative pillows, stylized as large rocksdecorative pillows

A special pillow with backlight for reading.
stylish pillows

vintage pillows

Internet-related pillows - the original gifts for an amateur internet lover.
original pillows

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hallway in the house

stylish hallway
The hall is usually no one lives except for a coat and shoes. Therefore, it is often neglected. But this is not correct, because the hallway - the first thing visitors see when you visit in your home. In addition, the corridor - it is a means of communication with the rest of the apartment premises.

Try not to make a corridor warehouse unwanted things, do not clutter up the space a large furniture (which may pose a threat to your safety). The corridor should also look stylish and beautiful. Experts recommend develop anteroom at the last moment, when all facilities are ready. This is so that you can damage the walls of the corridor, recording bulky furniture.

A very important role played by light in the corridor. What is more natural, the better. The light can be distributed area. Especially if you are in the house long, narrow corridor. Lighting should highlight the specific details of the corridor such as chairs, shelves, phone, picture. It is believed that the corridor walls are losing species faster than in other areas. Therefore, thin wallpapers are unprofitable. Typically, the wall panel, thick with paper, or are covered with high quality paints.

If you have a long corridor, you can visually reduce the wall painting or placing various objects along the walls. Or you can create a sense of depth at the end of the corridor with the help of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, expanding space, as well as the double impact affecting their interior.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hallway design

Hall is one of the important components of any apartment, which protects it from drafts, cold, dirt and from evil people. Hall is a buffer between the outside world and your own world, which is focused in your home. There are halls of distant times. And in the north and south, before falling into the house, the visitor was in a hallway. The first, which began to decorate the halls with furniture, flowers, sculptures and other accessories, were Frenchmen. Today, thanks to an interesting design, it can be stylish and comfortable anteroom, the interior of which would be consistent with the direction of style throughout the apartment. Since the hallway is «a» flat, according to its design and construction can be defined: how people live in this house. It is therefore important to elaborate design of the hall and he choose not only the finishing material for ceilings, walls and floor, but also furniture, accessories, and other elements of decoration that hallway was a convenient, beautiful and functional.

Unfortunately, the construction of the hall becomes a matter of sometimes quite challenging. Is it, or because of its small size, or because of an unsuccessful form of the hallway space.


Hallway-portal is a common hallway, both old and modern houses. The main problem of this hallway - it is the tightness and lack of space. Hallway need in an apartment, not only for the fact that it is where change, but also to store clothing, shoes, umbrellas, hats, gloves and other necessary things, not only family members but also people who come to visit. And if the hallway is so little space that hardly fit one person, the owners put the maximum effort to increase the area of the hallway. If the hallway of the area from the beginning were built niches, they can be removed and opened up to accommodate a modern wardrobe, or the original compact shelves, hanging lockers and racks. Occasionally manage to expand the entrance hall at the expense of other facilities. If such a conversion is appropriate and not disrupt the unity of style throughout the apartment, you can go for a reduction in the room, located next door to the hallway. But the hall will be more comfortable and spacious place in the apartment. If you can not expand the entrance hall, in a way you can increase the doorway and make a free passage to the rest room apartment. The boundaries of rooms may be designated by different design techniques, such as using a different floor or rounded line of the neighboring rooms. Using carefully designed lighting, decoration of walls, ceiling and floor in bright colors, a compact with mirror facade of the furniture and sliding doors, you can visually enlarge the corridor. If your hallway high ceiling, which violates the geometric proportions of the premises, then you have the opportunity not only to omit the ceiling below, but also to obtain additional space by installing mezzanine. They can also create a stylish interior, if they have an unusual configuration and the lights in the form of lamps, mounted in the basement mezzanine.

Narrow and long hall

If the hallway and recalled the long narrow corridor, then the best design will be its division into the following functional areas - entrance and lobby. Zonirovat space can be through the use of different materials for finishing the floor. For example, to access the most appropriate cover will be linoleum or ceramic tile, and a hall suitable for parquet, laminate or carpet. You can pick up this linoleum, which has a drawing made under the floor, but in order to better highlight the zone, put the parquet, a few different colors. Originally option will appear, where the floor level of the input zone will be slightly higher than those in the hall, a link between them will be a few steps. In the area of the entrance will look good in wardrobe with mirror and the illumination of the facade mounted to the upper point bar cabinet lighting fixtures. Since the entrance area should be sufficiently lit, you can optionally use a decorative wall lamp. A large mirror allows the use of visually increase the room is almost doubled. Also visually expand the narrow room using the walls and ceiling decoration materials pastel tones. As a result of these changes, a hall was the room, close to the room, his interior is to be executed in the same style with the whole apartment. If you get a hall of sufficient size, it can beat the furniture or decorate as you wish. Beautiful floor vase, decorative table, phone, picture, or a small soft chair, will make part of your hall of stylish and comfortable.


There are those halls, which occupy much space in the apartment. This hallway is inconvenient fact that all the remaining space in the apartment separated from each other, which causes difficulty in creating a single style of home. The problem can be solved by the distinction in the hallway area. Zoning is implemented through the use of different types of lighting, as well as through the use of different materials when you make a ceiling, floor and walls. Long and wide entrance hall can be used to increase the living-room by removing an unnecessary portion of the wall. It can be visually anteroom shorter, placing partitions or light shelves. Besides the usual furniture, which is used in the hallways - cabinets-coupe, hangers, mirrors, various shelves and cabinets in a wide hallway, you can make a hidden niche for storing clothes, shoes, hats and other necessary things.

OPEN Hallway

The public hall is quite common in modern homes. Entered the apartment and most of it before you as the palm of your hand. Someone like this layout - a lot of space and air. But there are drawbacks. When outsiders come into the apartment, the first step is to run throughout the apartment to close the doors to the rooms. Not everyone wants to show their contents. The complete re-arrangement to do with this rather difficult. You can make a hall of two zones - the zone entrance and recreation area. In the entrance area will look very stylish modern wardrobe with a mirrored facade and built illumination. In the recreation area will look a good sofa, an armchair, a TV or stereo system. Lighting is better to make a cozy and intimate with the help of floor lamps, wall, decorative lamp or floor lamp. In the area of organically rest will be watching the details of the interior such as a vase with dried plants, picture, original wall clock, live ornamental plants, especially those from the genus of palm trees, large floor vases. Divide the area can use different levels of floor or floor covering from the contrast in color and texture of materials. The use of arched openings will help identify the boundaries of the corridor. Using your imagination and a little re-open entrance hall, you get two independent of each other space.