Sunday, May 29, 2011

Living room interior. Decor items

Sometimes it happens that the living room seems to be not in need of repair, the style of the room is quite comfortable, but the situation has had bored - you want something new and unusual. Interior decorations - it's something that will help to solve the problem without major changes to the repair and its integral components of the debris, dust and dirt.
And now tell you about the design of the living room.
And now tell you about the design of the living room.
The easiest way to transform the living room interior is to repaint the walls and ceiling of the new color. In order to make the room fun and unusual, you can use several shades of color you like most. Often in living room interior design use the following method: Select the wall where you want to focus and glued to wallpaper on it, but the remaining walls painted. Remember that what works with paint is to hold the first and only after the paint is completely dry you can start to wallpapering.

If the living room is not only entertaining, but it is still an office or recreation area, for the space zoning of you can use items such as interior partitions, sliding panels, curtains and screens, through which, moreover, will be given the uniqueness living room.

In order for multi-room still left room should have its key elements (couch, coffee table, chairs) in the interior of the center of the room. To make the room more comfortable as an accessory use items made of natural materials, this may be a wooden stand for pens or painted ceramic vase, the color suitable for interior room.

Old furniture can be upgraded and covered it with paint or just to cover for beautiful bedspreads. Still a way to change an interior living room, while the funds will be saved - no need to buy expensive new furniture. Will help to change the usual appearance of the premises, such as interior cushions, pots of house plants.

Choose items that will fit the room and at the same time will overlap with each other still quite difficult. How can that be? Some simplification of choice, based on what a particular color. Then will need to pick up all the accessories in a single color, which in turn will be ideally suited to the general interior.

For registration of a living room, you can use mirrors in different shapes and sizes. This is especially true for the living room of small dimensions, as designers, in most cases visually expand the space of the room is through such familiar items as mirrors.

An important element of decoration are the books for which it is desirable to arrange some bookshelves or even a rack, if a lot of books. E sure all shelves are getting close the books can be "a space book is somewhat diluted by other furnishings, for example, figurines, frames with pictures, etc.

For registration of living is often used photographs and postcards (preferably of similar subjects), framed in beautiful frames, all sorts of pictures. The unusual appearance of the premises, which establishes the bowls, and vases from colored glass. If you fall for such decorative elements in the sun's rays are refracted reflection, otkrashivayutsya in different colors and add a living room paint, making it a fun and unusual.
living room decorating items
Classical decoration room are potted plants and bouquets of flowers. As an option in the living room can be set tubs with trees, the main course, so that they fit into the style of the room.

Items with which you can change, decorate the living room a lot, they have different shapes, colors, sizes. Talk about everything possible. And each reshivshemusya to design the living room may have to be determined so that should be used, but from what would be best to refuse.