Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stylish glass fireplaces from Bloch Design

glass fireplace
Glass is a valuable and noble material, and, moreover, has one amazing feature - it bends the flow of light and expands the boundary of space. It carries many different meanings that even the most ordinary forms made of glass, get the beauty and special meaning.
decorative fireplacesGlass fireplace attached to the interior light and clarity, style and natural beauty. Modern interior, where there is no glass furniture, gloomily and heavy. For this reason, installing a glass fireplace - always accurate and up-to-date progress in creating a harmonious interior composition.
But the most important element of decoration glass fireplace was, first of all, thanks to its ability svetoraspredelitelnoy. Glass fireplace is an excellent way of zoning does not violate the integrity and the perception of space. The ability of the glass chimney chase light, not absorbing it, allows you to create any color in interior and lighting solutions.

Bloch Design: the “ultimate custom-made” mark of your fireplace

Friday, August 21, 2009

Living room design: fireplaces without chimney.

Today, once again gaining popularity a few to have forgotten in recent decades fireplaces. However, not all judges of this device may become happy. Installation of the fireplace in classic multi-family housing - is practically an unresolved problem. Besides, it's not all for the money and opportunities. But for many it is possible to mount decorative fireplaces, which do not require a chimney.

Fireplaces without chimney unique design of the solution and combine sophisticated style and natural warmth of living flame. Decorative Fireplaces without chimney is essential for use in today's interior home or apartment. They will not leave anyone indifferent. Their task - to decorate and create a conducive atmosphere.
glass fireplaceEasy to use, safe and durable, fireplaces without chimneys will bestow you a wonderful mood, not only in the room to receive guests, but in a cozy bedroom or office.
fireplaces without chimney
Smokeless Fireplaces - the new generation of fireplaces without chimney, it's revolution in the heating and design - "living flame" without the smoke and soot! Smokeless Fireplaces no need to mount the chimney, to acquire and store firewood. Fireplaces operate in a safe environment for a clean fuels plant organic nature, which does not carry any threat to human health or the state of nature. During the burning of biofuels does not produce harmful impurities, only water vapor and carbon dioxide, not higher, than with a pair of burning candles of medium size. The atmosphere of comfort is guaranteed, but with her romantic and joyful mood. A bold innovation for decorating rooms with the help of live flame. Smokeless Fireplace easily installed in the country house, a beautiful mansion, and in a small room, or any other place. Smokeless Fireplaces are economical and beneficial in terms of conservation of heat, because there is no wanton consumption of 60% of heat through the chimney.
Living room fireplacesGlass fireplaces are also bright representatives of fireplaces without a chimney. Glass is a wonderful quality - increase the space and refract light flows. It is so multifaceted that a simple line in a glass translate receive extra oomph and charm.

Clean shapes, gentle ease of space and harmony play of light glass products - it is something that fills the interior design, decorated in the style of «high-tech». Fireplace Glass makes the interior air and clear, natural and smart. This topical and important approach to solving design concepts to make the situation room light and optimistic.