Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stylish glass fireplaces from Bloch Design

glass fireplace
Glass is a valuable and noble material, and, moreover, has one amazing feature - it bends the flow of light and expands the boundary of space. It carries many different meanings that even the most ordinary forms made of glass, get the beauty and special meaning.
decorative fireplacesGlass fireplace attached to the interior light and clarity, style and natural beauty. Modern interior, where there is no glass furniture, gloomily and heavy. For this reason, installing a glass fireplace - always accurate and up-to-date progress in creating a harmonious interior composition.
But the most important element of decoration glass fireplace was, first of all, thanks to its ability svetoraspredelitelnoy. Glass fireplace is an excellent way of zoning does not violate the integrity and the perception of space. The ability of the glass chimney chase light, not absorbing it, allows you to create any color in interior and lighting solutions.

Bloch Design: the “ultimate custom-made” mark of your fireplace


  1. some of them work and are super sexy! ...but some look a bit too ...I dunno, Vegassy

  2. I'm such a sucker for home interiors! These fireplaces are sooo inspiring!x

  3. Not bad, the first one looks almost outdated because of the gold trim- not something I would want to install in a current development, as well as the two that proceed. The fourth picture with the oddly shaped fireplace is my favorite. The unique styling is what sets it apart from the other more traditional (boring)ones.
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  4. I like most fourth one. I specially bring glass furniture for chase light.