Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hallway in the house

stylish hallway
The hall is usually no one lives except for a coat and shoes. Therefore, it is often neglected. But this is not correct, because the hallway - the first thing visitors see when you visit in your home. In addition, the corridor - it is a means of communication with the rest of the apartment premises.

Try not to make a corridor warehouse unwanted things, do not clutter up the space a large furniture (which may pose a threat to your safety). The corridor should also look stylish and beautiful. Experts recommend develop anteroom at the last moment, when all facilities are ready. This is so that you can damage the walls of the corridor, recording bulky furniture.

A very important role played by light in the corridor. What is more natural, the better. The light can be distributed area. Especially if you are in the house long, narrow corridor. Lighting should highlight the specific details of the corridor such as chairs, shelves, phone, picture. It is believed that the corridor walls are losing species faster than in other areas. Therefore, thin wallpapers are unprofitable. Typically, the wall panel, thick with paper, or are covered with high quality paints.

If you have a long corridor, you can visually reduce the wall painting or placing various objects along the walls. Or you can create a sense of depth at the end of the corridor with the help of mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, expanding space, as well as the double impact affecting their interior.

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