Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interior examples in the green range

Green Color identify with gentleness, kindness, nature, life, harmony, faith, ekstravertnostyu, natural, solid, well-being, a sequence, but at the same time, with selfishness, isolation, perfectionism and hypochondriac.

Green light - holy, he most esteemed. Suffice it to recall the green banner of the Prophet. The green color symbolizes the rich nature, life, vacation, an oasis.
The stones have a green life stability, prosperity, happiness and success in business. This decoration of the green stones are most popular and in demand among musulman.Zeleny color in ancient China represented by one color, and the shorthand for the green and blue simultaneously.

An interesting fact that the ancient Chinese concepts of blue and green are interchangeable and do not have a clear difference in color designations possibly because green was considered as a creature of the blue.

The green color associated with spring. As the nature of the subject and the Chinese associated green with a tree.
Party light corresponding to green - the East, the planet - Jupiter, the animal - the dragon.

In Japan, green was considered to be an ancient symbol of spring agricultural rites.


  1. i love all these wonderful green shades-. really inspirational photos