Saturday, May 23, 2009

Enjoying a dream

Fantasy Furniture Designers steps far beyond the usual and landing. I suggest a dip in the world, indeed, paradise to enjoy and feel the bliss of visual comfort, beauty and originality of view nonstanadrt furniture for the bedroom.

As you know, a healthy son - a pledge of beauty and youth. And by the bed of the leading designers of furniture that can be fully guaranteed.

For summer funs to sleep in the fresh air, designer furniture Tracie Herrtage designed an excellent and practical alternative - Le Beanock. Soft overstrength chains attached to the walls and the room is a central piece of furniture bedrooms.

Bed Okooko coated romance and bliss. Looking at the picture, and it wants to lower the water and swim to blow the wind, enjoying the light cool sea air and the arms of your favorite loved one.

Under the guidance of designer furniture is changing not only the appearance familiar to us the bed, but her appointment. For example, look at these hi-tec beds Cocon Napping Pods and Metronaps. Both copies have a profound positive impact on the overall condition of the person, as well as raise the level of concentration and energized all day long. These beds can be used not only as items of furniture in the bedroom, but also to implement proper rest from work.


  1. those bed pods ae scary to me personally, i sleep with the tv on and I am afraid of cramped spaces but I really love the first bed you showed today. I like simple things and I am still trying to get ready to move and I need ideas, following your blog helps alot. Thanks

  2. Ayoko, thanks for the kind words.