Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running alarm clocks

And as you wake up in the morning? Certainly ring the alarm, you grudgingly, could hardly find, from 3 times to cut down, and think, well, five more minutes and get up. Then you hit a shock, but how much time? And exactly the time to clean the teeth, and fly on the wings to work.

So, if you wake up so long, you need quite a different alarm clock, which simply force you to stand, at the same time of morning would scamper.

Actually, I came from with a droll running clock. It is very nice. He begins to peak at certain times, if you press snooze - want to catnap, he would wait, but patience has a limit, after which it begins to bawl, and move everywhere. If running alarm hit a wall, it can change the trajectory, if feels a barrier.

In general, your objective: to get out of bed, catch up with the resent by morning scamper on the headquarters, and the siren cut, severing the brain to all neighbors. Well, here you are awake!

This monster alarm powered of 4 AAA batteries. It has two modes: 24 hours and AM/PM. The function can escape and switch off do not worry. In addition, it has backlit screen.


  1. I have seen these before...it is hilarious!

  2. i like how this clock was designed and made by a phd student. says it all

  3. this is the best invention yet!

  4. I found one in pink! They are so funny!!!!