Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Health Balls

Health Balls history has its origins in the depths of millennia. The most well-known in China and many other countries around the world Steel Balls with bells inside of ancient times are produced in the town of Baoding. Thanks to its sound: one tone above the other - lower, they are called «Couple Sharov roaring Dragon and Phoenix sings».

Originally the balls were used on a narrow range with the development of martial arts, to develop strength and sleight of hand, restore them after the trauma, as well as to focus, to improve and regulate the energy of the body, particularly the energy source.

However, in future, thanks to great heals Health Effects Balls won wide popularity. Particularly attractive balls attached opportunity to use them anywhere, at any time and the obvious benefits of occupation, regardless of age, gender and health status.
From the viewpoint of modern medicine, the effect of beneficial effects Sharov easy to explain the close link between the hand and central nervous system. In addition, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, on the fingers and palms of hands are active points, the impact of which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, digestive system. Modern medicine also recognizes the existence in the hands reflexogenous areas of internal organs and affect their activities.

At its effectiveness studies with balloons can be attributed to one of the best means of maintaining high efficiency and «active longevity» .

Health Balls Application

In recreational purposes:
To remove mental exhaustion and stress development coordination of movement, strength and sleight of hand, stimulation of memory, attention, normalization of blood pressure, maintaining the vitality of the high-level. Especially recommended to those whose professional activities involve frequent stressful situations (business, management positions, working with the population) and the overstretch of attention and memory (programming, work with a computer, dispatchers, drivers of all modes of transport, students and pupils, etc. ).

In prophylactic purposes:
If you have a constant load on the hands (different types of needlework, typing, playing musical instruments, sports, daily activities home ). Attention, women! Balls will help you to permanently preserve the beauty, youthfulness and agility of your hands.

For medicinal purposes:
diseases hands (arthritis, rheumatism, etc. -- Before use, place in the famous medical doctor, do not apply during exacerbations), individuals have experienced the trauma of hands, with violations of hand movements, regardless of the cause of their occurrence, as well as using pen or crutches, still sick (spinal injury, paralysis, etc.) . Recommended to use the Institute of Rheumatology RAMS and the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

General recommendations for use
  • for athletics training necessary to perform virtuoso tricks, would benefit the most simple exercises: rub the ball between your palms, exercises at the compression of two balls in the palm of your hand clockwise and counter clockwise. We recommend that you alternate exercises the crush of activity in the rotation. Avoid pain. When classes do not allow the voltage is not engaged in exercise, muscle groups (forearm, shoulder, neck, back) and extra movements (tilt head, lift the shoulders, elbows pressed or draw, etc.).
  • At the beginning of classes to pick up balls of average size. After mastering the basic exercises is better to buy several pairs of balls of different sizes for varying loads and perform exercises with 3-4 balls.
  • It is desirable to continue classes at least 10 minutes a day. Observe the regularity of classes and gradually increasing loads.
  • During the sessions, try not to look at the balls, listen to the sensations in your hands.
  • With the development of exercise will often drop the balls, so to begin to acquire a better neemalirovannye balls, and perform exercises on a soft surface.
  • after school balls to wipe and store in a dry place.
  • Balls are for individual use.

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