Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stylish bedrooms on

According to, the 12 named most stylish and sexuality bedroom interiors.
Coverlet and pillows with embroidered flowers, cheerful ryushi and casing, slightly floral wallpaper in contrast to the solid wood furniture - a fairy tale, which always ends well
In the interior of all the unexpected: the bed, facing the bed to the window, and the parquet floor, laid on the diagonal, and a glass light box instead of the traditional bedside banquettes, and the crazy combination of colors
Storm passions remain outside the threshold of the bedroom - everything here breathes calm and appeasement. Deep shades of gray and blue, smooth texture and the original lighting created a sense of cool water.
Black gamma can also be gorgeous! Example - the gray bedroom. Silk curtains of silver, like a powdery light gray velours chairs, color jacquard coverlet mokrovogo asphalt - a variety of textures and colors create a truly noble interior.
The abundance of light, pastel colors, classic furniture, smooth lines and velvet texture - something that helps create this sense of bedroom
Intimate atmosphere created in this extraordinarily sensual bedroom range, which seems specifically set up to light candles. Add to this canopy over the bed - and the world around you can forget. <br />
Not a bedroom, a real mixed-chocolate! Brown silk, square Kapiton like lacquer plates, blue glitter wrap
Let your favorite time of year does not end! In this bedroom warm sunny colors, light, natural fabrics and decoration in the form of sunflower create the mood of the summer half-day volumes.
You - the star, and thus - in your bedroom a place of glamor. Mirrors and crystal chandeliers, silk and velvet, Persian carpets and exquisite ottoman, photos, movie stars in the framework.
This cozy bedroom enjoying the charm of France. Gentle shades of cream and cocoa, small table and comfortable high chair, in which both a pleasure to drink morning coffee with a soft croissants.
this bedroom ethical style. Pleasant to the eye black and terracotta range, birch, shumyaschie over the head, and the 'stars' to whom is about
Minimalism, too, can be elegant! The neutral natural color of the bedroom complements a passionate red

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Super bed

Excellent idea for those who loves the comfort and technical innovations, even in the bedroom.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Enjoying a dream

Fantasy Furniture Designers steps far beyond the usual and landing. I suggest a dip in the world, indeed, paradise to enjoy and feel the bliss of visual comfort, beauty and originality of view nonstanadrt furniture for the bedroom.

As you know, a healthy son - a pledge of beauty and youth. And by the bed of the leading designers of furniture that can be fully guaranteed.

For summer funs to sleep in the fresh air, designer furniture Tracie Herrtage designed an excellent and practical alternative - Le Beanock. Soft overstrength chains attached to the walls and the room is a central piece of furniture bedrooms.

Bed Okooko coated romance and bliss. Looking at the picture, and it wants to lower the water and swim to blow the wind, enjoying the light cool sea air and the arms of your favorite loved one.

Under the guidance of designer furniture is changing not only the appearance familiar to us the bed, but her appointment. For example, look at these hi-tec beds Cocon Napping Pods and Metronaps. Both copies have a profound positive impact on the overall condition of the person, as well as raise the level of concentration and energized all day long. These beds can be used not only as items of furniture in the bedroom, but also to implement proper rest from work.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toyo Kitchen Isola

Toyo Kitchen's Isola S, from its Nobody mark, is the answer to left in fashion in the advancing pecuniary apocalypse. Toyo Kitchen’s Isola S kitchenette, with its chic and organized design, looks place down to exchange the dark appreciation of males toward cooking and cleaning up. Featuring three charged cooking rings and a bounteous circular founder, the Isola S from the Nobody collecting, comes with in good taste corrugated-place drawers representing storing different cookhouse items.

The Isola S from Japanese Toyo Kitchen's "Nobody" pencil-blot is single fashionable manner to wither a kitchen down into a sliding Yin-Yang. Highly futuristic, the kitchen is made up with an isle of two parts. Its draw up stems from its innate Japan, where spaciousness is afar more circumscribed. Add this to other microscopic living room solutions from Japan and you'll marvel why you at all thinking you needed anything bigger to start with. The Isola S can be carted into a diversity of configurations, depending on how much place you order and what you desire to reach. It has an taut range with three burners, a disc-shaped plunge, a part dedicated to providing some countertop expanse and a bunch of drawers. The drawers are corrugated, so you can pile plates in there or disjoin cutlery. The entire item is also studded with LED lights — you likely won't note unless you cook in the unlit, or move championing a glassware of water at midnight. If you crave lone, you likely either be obsessed to living in Japan or be rich adequate to acquaint something be fond of this. Apart from the shining believe of and up to date functions, the Isola S offers kitchen and dining options in a restricted elbow-room.

After finishing with the cooking, you may change it into a dining or a cocktail food too. While its loveliness is clear, it’s pragmatic as satisfactorily. Unfortunately, there's no charge label on it as till, but, in all likelihood it won't be a accurately a agreement though.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Painting plates, ashtrays, lump

Decorative plate.

Murals paint on glass.
More of the same technology can paint lamps purchased at IKEA and various glass ashtrays.

And here is a small chest of drawers, bought in IKEA and beautifully decorated.
If you are interested to see others work and to inspire new ideas, visit author's website
That's wonderful ideas for decorating the home and give it a unique style. Painting manufactured things, you create individual design objects, that have no analogues.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The interior in the style of minimalism

A small apartment with a minimum cost the easiest way to settle it in the spirit of minimalism. Designers claim that this style is usually preferred creative people, deeply philosophical, self-sufficient life. The "minimalist" room to relax them better and easier to think - nothing to distract from thoughts.
If you want freedom, get rid of vanity and living things, then you will like minimalism.

interior minimalism

Minimalist interior - bright and free. Colors are used mostly quiet - soft pastels.

The most important thing when creating interiors in minimalist style is well-designed space in which many scattered, quiet light, which creates a feeling of light-emitting walls and ceilings, an abundance of air.
The huge role played by the window. Remarkably, if it is a very large (on the wall), but for him - a beautiful landscape. In this case, you can opt out of curtains and curtain - the nature of "will" in the house, will become part of the interior, make it more interesting, and harmonious. But if the window sleety bustling city - without the curtains do not do. But the curtains, too, should be under the entire interior - simple and uniform, can be blind.

In the minimalist interior and accessories are present, however, purely symbolic, in very moderate amounts. They are mostly familiar to you the things that bring home a piece of heat. It is desirable that these objects have the correct geometrical shape. But the existence of a modest interior daedal fountains and ancient carvings of hours possible!

To create a sense of the breadth and scope, building on opportunities exempt from interior partitions. No longer zadrapirovannye windows, sating the space with light, connect the housing with the surrounding world, making it part of the interior in the style of minimalism. Glass, light walls and ceiling, shiny white floor creates a sense of unfettered freedom. Zoning Space minimalist style is made with the help of color sex, semitransparent fabric or sliding glass partitions, using the lights in the walls, floor or ceiling. Fixtures are not visible, or they are simple in form. Glass shelves racks, glass tabletops and cabinet doors as if dissolved in air, not zasnimaya space. No trinkets, accessories, very little. The windows - simple in form of transparent blinds fabric or metal. They also need to be almost unnoticeable.

The forms of furniture in the style of minimalism interior is simple, too: sharp corners, no plastic lines. Sofas with rectangular cushions and armrests rigid, such as chairs and stools rectangular, almost cubic shape. Upholstery Bright, uniform, with a few contrasting «spots» - pillows, for example. There is nothing superfluous, everything is hidden inside. Therefore, the furniture is dominated podiums, closed cabinets, and ideally - boxes for storage.

The abstract paintings in the spirit of constructivism are complementary and beautifully decorated with minimalist interior and academic painting, by contrast, mercilessly spoil the overall mood of the room. Naturally, the picture should be inserted in the simple flat frame. The same applies to pictures and mirrors.

Japanese minimalism
Traditional Japanese interior - this is minimalism in its pure form. Naked walls, mats on the floor, occasionally falling into a field of view of miniature furniture and many, many empty spaces. The interior of the entire house designed as a single room with a "flow" space, constantly evolving through the various screens and sliding designs.

Japanese housing is simple compositional decisions, a simple color (traditionally this is the land of color - white, gray, brown, black and shades of those colors), simplicity of materials (mainly wood and stone), a flexible layout. No lockers, they replace two or three niches in the wall with a door or shelf, and no chairs - people write and eat, sitting on haunches. The Japanese have never used a bed: sleeping on mats on a thin cotton mattress. Wrote on nizenkom lacquered table with sliding drawers. The only weakness of the Japanese - the small-larchiki lacquered cabinets and boxes for writing materials, of which every Japanese home предостаточно. Modest home environment to complement the stands of books and screens.

Lot in a small - this is the motto of modern minimalism!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Japanese style of interior

Say that Japanese culture is unique and unique, like no other - is not to say almost nothing. That is its otherness and mystique so attracted us.To create, in its Japanese home interior, you need to understand the culture of this mysterious country, particular perception of the world, which is reflected in the construction of homes. To the East, including Japan, are characterized by Introvert, concentrating on the internal world and feelings. And because of this interior is almost always minimalistichen - and often lies in the philosophical sense. In other words, the spirit prevails over the material, but is expressed through it.
Only a few of the situation and a lot of free space - this is a classic Japanese interior. But every thing has its purpose - to create and maintain harmony in the house.

Japanese furniture draws its simplicity, ease and grace, and that is important - mobility. One of the main interior here - tatami mat made of straw. It is not too small - it is the traditional size of 2 square meters. m, a change usually 1 every 2 years. Well, if you put a mat on the futon - Japanese cotton mattress - it will be convenient and easy to bed, which can be easily removed at any time.

In a traditional Japanese house was always a focus, cushions for seating and low tables. Utensils and items stored in cabinets that can be embedded in the walls, and even under the floor, as well as special wall niches (Shiga-given). It is very common trunk were traveling and chests of drawers on wheels, cabinets, stairs, cupboards - all of these traditional Japanese Tansu furniture (the so-called furniture, appeared before the first half of XVII century., Ie the era of Edo). These furnishings were quite expensive, and decorated with hammering, varnishing, and made of precious wood. On finishing it was possible to determine the social situation of the owner, and was originally a furniture might be just to know.
Regarding materials, the favorite wood were hinoki and sugi, and solid rock cane. A chest of drawers and boxes for the most part, made of wood Kiri, because it absorbs moisture well.

Now particularly popular furniture made from antique wood, also known as oldwood, including teak, because it has an excellent margin of safety. It makes the tables, frames, benches, screens, and used in the decoration of tables, beds, chests of drawers, lamps, cabinets, shelves, etc.

Details and accessories
Areas of objects, details and lighting in the interior of the Japanese are very important.
For example, share the screen space to specific zones and decorate it in such a way Setting necessary accents. Cozy lacquered tables can be simultaneously and dining, and decorative, but all kinds of boxes, stands for the book will bring sophisticated charm to the interior of the house.
And of course, the institution - this dwarf trees (bonsai), ikebana, vases, dolls made of wood, bronze statues of saints, scrolls (kakemono), lighting, and elegant china.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Interior examples in the green range

Green Color identify with gentleness, kindness, nature, life, harmony, faith, ekstravertnostyu, natural, solid, well-being, a sequence, but at the same time, with selfishness, isolation, perfectionism and hypochondriac.

Green light - holy, he most esteemed. Suffice it to recall the green banner of the Prophet. The green color symbolizes the rich nature, life, vacation, an oasis.
The stones have a green life stability, prosperity, happiness and success in business. This decoration of the green stones are most popular and in demand among musulman.Zeleny color in ancient China represented by one color, and the shorthand for the green and blue simultaneously.

An interesting fact that the ancient Chinese concepts of blue and green are interchangeable and do not have a clear difference in color designations possibly because green was considered as a creature of the blue.

The green color associated with spring. As the nature of the subject and the Chinese associated green with a tree.
Party light corresponding to green - the East, the planet - Jupiter, the animal - the dragon.

In Japan, green was considered to be an ancient symbol of spring agricultural rites.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bottles collection

Decorative bottles for home use. Very high quality work performed by the author makes a great impression! Incidentally, on the author's journal, you can see not only stylish things handmade, and beautiful photos.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bedrooms design

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stylish armchair

Stylish, versatile interior to successfully fit into any corner of your home, whether it be living room or children's.
Material: Vinyl.
Size: 85 x 65 x 40 sm.

I think it would be more comfortable if the seats made of leather - it passes the air. In general, it matches the look of inflatable furniture. I wonder how comfortable they sit?